About Bond

Bond has provided the number 1 practice materials for the 11 Plus, selective exams and general practice for over 50 years. The Bond resources have helped literally millions of primary school pupils learn and practise at home, in school and with tutors.

Bond covers all four 11 Plus subjects (English, maths, verbal reasoning and non-verbal reasoning) and provides consistent and continuous learning from first steps at age 5 or 6 through to the exams themselves. It is also invaluable for SATs practice and bridging secondary school entry. A broad approach in Bond's 11 Plus and Common Entrance focused materials enables Bond to accommodate a wide range of different learning styles.

Bond Books and Practice Papers

Bond has been developed to support children's learning with wide-ranging practice, underpinned by straightforward and reliable teaching. Bond's 11 Plus book resources now include:

  • 11 Plus Tutorial Guides (How to Do guides)
  • Assessment Papers from ages 5 – 13 years
  • 11 Plus Test Papers
  • 10 Minute Tests from ages 7 – 12 years
  • Comprehension practice
  • Reasoning Puzzles
  • An invaluable Parent's Guide to the 11 Plus

Bond Online - Interactive 11 Plus Practice

Bond Online interactive 11 Plus enables children to manage their own practice. Online analysis highlights areas of weakness and instant feedback plus full answer explanations mean you don't have the added pressure of trying to explain an answer or mark tests. Find out more about Bond Online now.

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