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Bond 11 Plus Non-verbal Reasoning

Our Bond 11 Plus products provide structured resources to improve your child's Non-verbal Reasoning skills from age 6 through to age 12.

Non-verbal Reasoning is not taught as part of the primary curriculum but is widely used in aptitude tests. The understanding and skills within Non-verbal Reasoning are integral to teaching and learning in a range of subjects including Maths, Science, and Design and Technology.

Non-verbal Reasoning 11 plus tests look at patterns and shape rather than words and verbal processes. They test whether a child can problem solve, whilst working quickly and accurately, and how effectively they can process information through graphics or pictures.

Non-verbal Reasoning tests your child's ability to:

  • Process graphic or pictorial information
  • Use spatial awareness – how objects relate to each other in space
  • Find and follow patterns and rules
  • Apply Maths skills – rotation, reflection and symmetry.