Bond SATs Skills

Bond SATs Skills

The Bond SATs Skills series is designed to help teachers and parents prepare children for the Key Stage 2 SATs.

Flexible and cost-effective, Bond SATs Skills workbooks are ideal for support in the classroom, as homework, or as support materials for parents to use at home.

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 For Schools

Discover everything you need to prepare your pupils for Key Stage 2 SATs:

  • Practice questions reflect the content of the Key Stage 2 SATs, perfect for helping your pupils to gain the confidence needed to work under timed conditions
  • Spelling, Reading Comprehension, and Grammar and Punctuation workbooks develop all the skills and fluency required by the National Curriculum
  • Arithmetic, Numbers, Geometry and Times Tables workbooks build the secure knowledge and rapid recall needed for exam success

Find out more about Bond SATs Skills and how to prepare your class, visit the Oxford Primary website.


For Parents - How to Prepare for SATs at Home

Workbooks - Support for KS2 SATs

Bond SATs Skills workbooks are designed to be worked through by your child at their own pace. Each Bond workbook contains ten units of activities, packed full of SATs-style questions covering the topics children need to master:

  • Comprehensive coverage of the National Curriculum – separate workbooks for reading comprehension, spelling and vocabulary, grammar and punctuation, arithmetic, measurement, geometry and statistics, numbers and times tables.
  • Structured learning programme – the series covers ages 8-11 so that you can start developing your child’s skills gradually in preparation for KS2 SATs.
  • Advice and support for parents – throughout the Bond SATs books, hints and tips will help you effectively support your child's learning at home.

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Perfect for short bursts of practice, Bond flashcards cover the core skills of times tables learning and vocabulary development:

Bond SATs Skills: The complete set of Times Tables Flashcards

Bond Skills

These flashcards develop core times table, square and cube number knowledge for National Curriculum Key Stage 2 SATs, 11+ and Common Entrance tests.

With renewed focus on times tables and the introduction of square and cube number knowledge in Key Stage 2, these flashcards aid rapid recall and build secure knowledge of number relationships.

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Bond SATs Skills: Vocabulary Flashcards: Similar and Opposite Words

Bond Skills

These flashcards are designed to develop core vocabulary knowledge for Key Stage 2 SATs, the 11+ and Common Entrance tests.

Simple to use, these cards are ideal for quick bursts of vocabulary practice for parents seeking to develop their child’s language skills. 

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Spelling and Vocabulary Workbook Age 10-11

Spelling and Vocabulary Workbook Age 10-11 Stretch