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About Bond

For more than 50 years, Bond 11+ books have helped millions of children prepare for the 11+, Common Entrance and other selective exams.

We’re committed to helping all parents, tutors and schools give their children the best chance at exam success.

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Who we are

First published in 1964, the Bond Assessment Papers, written by J M Bond, have now sold over two million copies making Bond the number one provider of 11+ practice materials. Bond has helped millions of children learn and practise at home, in school and with tutors on their path to exam success.

Bond covers all four 11+ subjects (English, maths, verbal reasoning and non-verbal reasoning) and provides consistent and continuous learning from those first steps at age 5-6 through to the exams themselves. Bond is also invaluable for KS2 SATs practice and bridging the transition to secondary school.

How Bond can help your child's 11+, Common Entrance or KS2 SATs preparation

11+ exam

Bond 11+ has been developed to support children's learning with wide-ranging materials. Our wealth of 11+ publishing includes a comprehensive range of resources and online support:

  • Assessment Papers – carefully graded practice papers providing essential practice for each question type in a realistic exam style.
  • Test Papers – matching the style, content and difficulty of the real 11+ exam these test papers enable realistic mock exam practice at home.
  • 10 Minute Tests – bite-sized tests for quick practice and revision, covering all the core skills plus motivating and fun puzzles.
  • How to Do 11+ – step-by-step guidance for developing core skills with parent tips and practical activities.
  • Parents' Guide to the 11+ – written by an experienced 11+ tutor, this essential manual offers a practical 4-step approach to guide you through the entire process.
  • Bond Online – giving your child unlimited access to thousands of 11+ questions this interactive resource is a fun and engaging way of helping your child prepare for the 11+ exam.

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Common Entrance

Independent schools may use the Common Entrance Exam (CEE) or their own exams as an alternative to the standard 11+ exams. The CEE is set by the Independent Schools Examinations Board (ISEB) and the papers cover English, maths and science as core areas.

Due to their rigorous and challenging content, Bond 11+ English and maths resources are also perfect for Common Entrance preparation.


The Bond SATs Skills series is designed to give you everything you need to prepare children for the KS2 SATs.

Flexible and cost-effective, Bond SATs Skills workbooks offer a clear programme to help develop children’s core skills:

  • Comprehensive coverage of the National Curriculum – separate workbooks for spelling and vocabulary, grammar and punctuation, arithmetic and times tables
  • Structured learning programme – the series covers ages 8-11 so that you can start developing your child’s skills gradually in preparation for KS2 SATs
  • Advice and support – throughout the books, hints and tips will help you effectively support your child's learning at home

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