Bond – which book is right for my child?

Parent and child

The Bond range has been developed over many years to give parents, tutors, and teachers the tools they need to help prepare children for all aspects of the 11+, Common Entrance and KS2 SATs.

With over 160 titles within the Bond range, we’ve put together this short guide to all the different books so that you can find exactly the right resources to support your child:

Revision and exam practice

Developing key skills

Support for all abilities

Preparing for secondary school

To make choosing the right Bond book even easier, we've now developed our Bond Book Selector Quiz. Take the quiz >

Revision and exam practice

Bond Assessment Papers

Bond 11 plus assessment papers

Topic-based practice questions that set the foundation for success in the 11+, Common Entrance or KS2 SATs exams. These carefully-graded practice papers provide essential practice for each question type in a realistic exam style. Ages 5-13+  Buy now

Bond CEM

Bond 11 plus CEM test papers

Developed specifically for the CEM 11+ exam, we’ve created a range of materials to help you prepare your child for the CEM 11+ exam, including assessment papers, test papers and learning guides. Ages 8-11+ Buy now


Bond Test Papers

Bond 11 plus test papers

Bond 11+ test paper packs enable realistic mock exam practice at home, matching the style, content and difficulty of the real 11+ examination. Tutor tips for exam success are included, written by leading 11+ tutors and packed with advice to help gain extra marks. Ages 7-11 Buy now

Bond Online

Bond 11 plus CEM test papers

Used by thousands of parents and children every year, Bond Online gives your child unlimited access to thousands of 11+ questions and is a fun and engaging way of helping your child prepare for the 11+. Age 9+ Buy now


Bond 10 Minute Tests

Bond 11 plus 10 minute tests

Bite-sized tests for quick practice and revision, including coverage of all the core skills and motivating and fun puzzle selections. Ages 7-12+ Buy now


Developing key skills

Bond SATs Skills

Bond Skills

New skills range that focuses on developing essential skills to a high level, Bond SATs Skills will help your child develop the key skills required for KS2 SATs, 11+ and Common Entrance. Ages 8-11+ Buy now


How to Do 11+

Bond 11 plus How to Do

Step-by-step, subject-specific guidance for tackling skill areas for the 11+ and other entrance tests. Includes parent tips and practical activities you can do with children to improve understanding. Age 7-11+ Buy now


Reasoning Puzzles

Bond 11 plus How to Do

Progressive, graded puzzles to build vital logical thinking skills in a fun and engaging manner. Designed to help children understand Verbal and Non-verbal Reasoning/Spatial Awareness without realising that they are studying. Age 9-12 Buy now


No Nonsense

Bond 11 plus No Nonsense

Improving general skills in key subject areas, for children in Key Stages 1 and 2, No Nonsense gives you a clear programme to follow with your child with structured, step-by-step lessons. Ages 5-11+ Buy now


Focus On

Bond 11 plus Focus On

Designed to improve comprehension and writing skills, these practical guides are perfect for preparing children for the written elements of the 11+, Common Entrance and KS2 SATs. Ages 9-11 Buy now


Support for all abilities

Up to Speed

Bond 11 Up to Speed

Practice papers for children not yet working at the level needed for exam success. These carefully levelled, skills-focused tests are designed to help children improve their ability to answer 11+ questions, and are accompanied by techniques and advice from 11+ tutors. Ages 8-11+ Buy now



Bond 11 plus Stretch

More challenging practice papers to stretch the very brightest children, studying for the 11+ and Common Entrance. Ages 8-11+ Buy now


Preparing for secondary school

Get Ready for Secondary School

Bond 11 plus Get Ready for Secondary School

Perfect for helping children prepare for the transition from KS2 to KS3, these guides explain the core English and Maths skills children will need as they move into KS3. Practical activities and practice tests will help your child to develop these skills. Ages 9-11+ Buy now