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Find out more about the 11+ Bond maths exam and how Bond 11+ maths papers and resources can support your child on their path to exam success.

11+ maths exam overview

Bond 11+ maths resources

Tips for parents:

How to help your child prepare for the 11+ in Year Four
How to help your child prepare for the 11+ in Year Five

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11+ Bond maths exam overview

11+ maths papers and tests cover a broad spectrum of maths principles and concepts. They examine how effectively a child can understand and manipulate numbers.

Although 11+ maths exams vary from region to region these are the key topics that your child will be tested on:

  • The ability to think and calculate quickly
  • Sound knowledge of multiplication tables
  • The ability to apply the four number operations (+ - x ÷) accurately
  • A fundamental understanding of number relationships, measurement, mental arithmetic, geometry and data handling

There are two different formats for 11 plus maths exam papers:

11+ maths exam format:

  • Standard format – where children write their answers on the test paper

  • Multiple-choice format – where answers are marked in a separate answer booklet

11+ maths exam papers are timed and usually last between 45-60 minutes. Children should practise with timed 11+ mock test papers, as well as working through non-timed practice, so they can see what they are able to do within a given time frame.


Bond 11+ maths resources

Bond is the number 1 provider of 11+ practice materials, helping millions of children pass selective entrance exams. Offering a comprehensive learning programme for the 11+, we have a wide range of resources to support you and your child:

Bond Assessment Maths Papers

Bond 11 plus assessment papers

Topic-based practice questions that set the foundation for success. These carefully-graded practice papers provide essential practice for each question type in a realistic exam style. Ages 5-13+ 

Now with fully explained maths answers (for ages 9-11)

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Bond 11+ Maths Handbook

Bond 11 plus Handbook

Step-by-step guidance for developing the skills needed for the 11+ maths exam and other entrance tests. With clear explanations and worked examples of all 11+ maths question types. 

Practical support for parents and children aged 8-11+

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Bond CEM 11+

Bond 11 plus CEM test papers

Developed specifically for the CEM 11+ exam, we’ve created a range of materials to help you prepare your child for the CEM 11+ exam, including assessment papers, test papers and learning guides. Ages 8-11+

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Bond Test Papers

Bond 11 plus test papers

Bond 11+ test paper packs enable realistic mock exam practice at home, which includes maths practice papers, with answers, matching the style, content and difficulty of the real 11+ examination. Ages 7-11

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Bond 10 Minute Tests

Bond 11 plus 10 minute tests

Bite-sized tests for quick practice and revision, including coverage of all the core skills and motivating and fun puzzle selections. Ages 7-12+

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Bond Online

Bond 11 plus CEM test papers

Used by thousands of parents and children every year, Bond Online gives your child unlimited access to thousands of 11+ questions and is a fun and engaging way of helping your child prepare for the 11+. Age 9+

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The Parents' Guide to the 11+

Bond 11 plus 10 minute tests

The essential manual for all parents whose children are about to embark on their 11+ exam journey. Written by an experienced 11+ tutor, this guide offers a practical 4-step approach to guide you through the entire process.

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Tips for parents

Here are some ideas for you to try at home with Bond 11+ maths materials in order to help your child prepare for their 11+ maths exam.

Year 4 – check up on basic skills during the summer term and use the summer holidays to:

  • Consolidate times tables and number bonds
  • Practise halving and doubling numbers
  • Become familiar with different types of measurement through activities such as cooking

Year 5 – this is the time to start regular 11+ revision and practice. Support your child by:

  • Establishing a regular routine of practising times tables. Introduce a couple of quiet, uninterrupted sessions a week for practice.
  • Practising maths skills little and often, with an emphasis on quick thinking and rapid feedback. In 11+ maths, children are expected to show dexterity in manipulating numbers and the ability to solve problems of all kinds logically.
  • Focusing on areas of difficulty, consolidating skills and developing time management skills. Your child should be covering all aspects of maths that he or she will need for the 11+ exam at school so focus on these three additional areas at home.

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