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11+ Results Day Action Plan

How do you deal with results day? Ideally, create a plan beforehand as it’s easier to consider options without emotions getting in the way. Based on my experience, these points might help you on your results day.

Your feelings

It’s horrible when the results are not what you were expecting. Don’t worry if you feel tearful, devastated, angry, defensive, guilty, envious or even relieved. It’s best to try and deal with your own feelings first though, in order to avoid over-sharing with your child.

Your child’s feelings

Some children internalise their feelings while others respond with anger, aggression, tears, sickness, blame, guilt and fear. Common questions include:

  • Which school am I going to and who is going with me?
  • Will I be alone and will my friends keep in touch?
  • What will people say when they find out and do I have to tell everyone?
  • Why have I failed?
  • Have I let you/my teacher/tutor down?
  • Are you angry or disappointed in me?

It’s worth praising your child’s maturity in taking on the 11+ challenge, their ability to set targets, their improved academic knowledge and their ability to sit an exam. This places the emphasis on the journey and not just the results. This is a good opportunity to help your child learn how to deal with disappointment and to stress the importance of making new plans when things don’t go according to plan the first time.

The appeals process

If the results are close to the pass mark, you can ask if a school has an appeals process. During an appeal you may be asked difficult questions. You may be cross-examined, especially if religious reasons are the basis for your appeal. You may need to provide ‘proof’ of mitigating circumstances. Most appeals fail, but some do succeed and the panel should be experienced at recognising genuine reasons.

Other options

Some schools accept the 13+ without a pass at 11+. Some schools allow you to sit the 11+ outside of the examining period and it may be possible to join a school at 12+, for GCSE’s or at sixth form.

Positive results

Positive results can create overwhelming feelings. Relief can bring fatigue and even sickness. Children can feel guilty if friends haven’t passed or fearful of another step towards ‘big school’ so celebrate in the way that suits your child.

l hope this helps you negotiate your results day.

Michellejoy Hughes


 Michllejoy Hughes – Bond 11+ blog

Michellejoy Hughes is a highly qualified and experienced teacher and tutor, with over 25 years’  experience in the education sector. Gaining her BA and PGCE in English at Liverpool and then her MA in English at Lancaster, Michellejoy spent many years working as a teacher in Liverpool, before becoming a private 11+ tutor. Now regularly tutoring over 20 pupils a week, Michellejoy Hughes has helped hundreds of children prepare successfully for the 11+.

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