Bond SATs Skills – develop great skills at home

At Bond we know how tricky it can be for parents who are trying to support their child’s learning at home.


Which skills should you focus their attention on, and what level should they be at? How do you explain that key term in a way that doesn’t confuse? What should they do next? It’s not always clear what you should be covering or what the most effective ways are of studying at home. 

That’s why we created Bond SATs Skills, to provide clear steps for improving your child’s core skills at home. The series includes titles such as Bond SATs Skills Spelling and Vocabulary books for 8-11 year olds, which includes a 10-11+ Stretch title for children aiming for 11+ and Common Entrance exams. (Download a free sample from each title here – log in and then look under English > Spelling and Vocabulary.)

Reflecting a renewed focus on spelling and vocabulary throughout the National Curriculum and in academic testing, the Bond SATs Skills Spelling and Vocabulary books will help your child:

  • Develop accurate spelling skills and a broad vocabulary.
  • Prepare for a range of exams, including 11+, Common Entrance and SATs.

Developed in partnership with children’s language experts at Oxford Dictionaries, Bond SATs Skills Spelling and Vocabulary will help you build your child’s word knowledge through:

  • 10 units of activities – including crosswords, anagrams, synonyms and antonyms – making it easy for you to provide regular spelling and vocabulary practice in bite-sized chunks.
  • Word lists – each page has its own word list, which can be cut out and used to revise spellings.
  • Recap icons – these act as reminders to test what your child has learned in a unit. Test spelling and vocabulary knowledge by working through the word list on each page of that unit, checking that your child can spell and define each word.

Find out more about Bond SATs Skills Spelling and Vocabulary, by registering on the Bond website and downloading a free sample now. (Look under English > Spelling and Vocabulary.)

The Bond Team