Top tips: Getting the most out of Bond Online this summer  


"My daughter used Bond Online throughout the summer in small doses on her tablet. I cannot recommend the online tools and resources enough... She could see her weak areas and worked on those. We have spoken about Bond Online since and she says it definitely made a difference to how she applied herself and strategies within the tests. Thank you." – Lisa via Facebook 

Like Lisa, every year thousands of parents and children use Bond Online over the summer holidays to get ready for the 11+ exams in the autumn.

With that in mind, we wanted to share with you some of our top tips to help you get the most out of Bond Online this summer.

  • Progress reports – find out exactly what you need to revise

    If your child has been regularly using Bond Online over the past few months, the progress reports in Bond Online will give you a great insight into your child’s strengths and weaknesses, not just by subject (e.g. English), but by specific topic (e.g. vocabulary).

    For example, in this progress report for verbal reasoning we can see that Randeep is doing really well on the topics 'closest meaning' and 'combining words', 'odd ones out' and 'similar words' need more work and 'opposites' are causing him real issues.

    Bond Online Subject Report
    In this example, Randeep should prioritise work on 'opposites', 'odd ones out' and 'similar words' this summer, doing lots more practice tests on these subjects to improve his scores. 'Closest meaning' and 'combining words' can be left for the time being and he can take a quick top-up test closer to the exam just to refresh his memory.

    If your child hasn’t used Bond Online in a while, get them to take a few tests in each subject . This will help you quickly build up a picture of how they’re doing and which subjects you need to focus on this summer.

    Take a look at your child’s progress reports now, log in >

  • Weekly challenges

    Tap into your child’s competitive spirit and set them a weekly Bond Online challenge. Ideas for challenges include:

    • Completing 2 tests a day for a week.
    • Completing a mock test in their least favourite subject.
    • Scoring 80% in at least one test that week.
    • If timing is an issue, completing a mock test in the allotted time.

    Record your weekly challenges on a reward chart and use it to encourage your child’s revision. Download our free reward chart now >

    (Log in and look under General and Mixed Subject Resources > Other Support)

  • Go outside

    Wi-fi and weather permitting, doing some study out in the fresh air could help invigorate revision sessions, enjoying the birdsong and the breeze as they build their skills!

    For more summer revision tips read our Summer motivation blog >

  • Mock tests

    As you get closer to the real 11+ exam, make sure that your child starts to use the mock tests in Bond Online. These timed tests will help develop your child’s exam technique, helping them get used to completing tests under a strict time limit.

    Doing the CEM 11+ exam? Make sure your child takes those mock tests as they’ve been written to match the mixed format of the CEM 11+ exam.

    Take a mock test now, ask your child to log in >

  • Feedback

    Did you know that as a parent you can see the feedback your child gets on each question they get wrong in Bond Online?

    Get into the habit this summer of spending some time each week going over the questions your child got wrong, using the question feedback to help them understand where they went wrong and how to get similar questions right next time.

    Worried about not being able to explain the answers to your child? Don’t worry, Bond Online always tells you how to get to the correct answer with clear step-by-step explanations, like this:

  • Independence

    For many children, the 11+ exam is the first time that will have to complete a formal exam under strict exam conditions, and this can be a big test of their independence.

    Encouraging your child to schedule their own regular practice with Bond Online, taking responsibility for completing a weekly challenge or completing a timed mock test this summer will all help improve your child’s ability to act independently and take responsibility for their own learning. Skills that will help them not just in the 11+ exam, but throughout the rest of their education.

We hope you find these tips useful this summer. If you think other people would find them useful, don't forget to share them on Facebook .

The Bond team