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Free resources

We have lots of 11+ activities and resources for you to help keep children aged 5-13 building their skills and knowledge at home, including: 

  • Practice test papers for 11+ maths, English, verbal and non-verbal reasoning
  • English and maths activities for children aged 5-11
  • ‘How to’ walkthrough videos with 11+ tutor Alvon Stewart
  • Motivation checklistreward chartrevision planner and reading list to help you keep your child’s learning on track
  • Useful documents about the 11+ for parents, including our new The 11+ Exam: A Parent’s Guide
  • Answers for every Bond 11+ book

Bond resources provide essential practice for 11+, SATs and Common Entrance exams, and, even if your child won’t be sitting these exams, Bond provides a great structure for learning core skills at home. 


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Take a look at some of our sample activities below

Try a free 11+ maths practice test paper (for ages 9-11)

Bond 11+ maths test

Download now >

Download the answers and access free English, verbal reasoning, non-verbal reasoning and CEM 11+ practice test papers when you sign up to the Bond website.

Practice core maths skills with No Nonsense activities (for ages 5-6)

Bond No Nonsense Maths 5-6

Download now >

Download more free maths activities for ages 5-11 when you sign up to the Bond website.

Practice core English skills with No Nonsense activities (for ages 8-9)

Bond No Nonsense English 8-9

Download now >

Download more free English activities for ages 5-11 when you sign up to the Bond website.

Watch our How To Videos

From comprehension to probability, word-code-wode problems to nets of cubes, 11+ tutor Alvon Stewart shows you how to help your child at home with these tough skills.

Nets of cubes video (YouTube)

Watch on YouTube now > 

Further learning support

Create a learning timetable with the Bond Revision Planner. 

Bond Weekly Study Planner

Download now >


Use these Bond Placement Tests first to establish your child's strengths and weaknesses in English, maths, verbal reasoning and non-verbal reasoning.

 Bond Placement Test

Download now >

For more free resources like these, including our reward chart, a handy exam checklist and a reading list poster, sign up to the Bond website.

The 11+ Exam: A Parent's Guide

In this Bond 11+ Guide, we cover everything you need to know ahead of the tests, including the differences between exam boards, an easy-to-follow 12-month plan, exam preparation tips and much more.

Bond 11+ Parent Guide

Download now >

For more resources for parents, including a free placement test, our Bond 11+ starter pack and answers for every Bond book, sign up to the Bond website.

Try Bond Online for free

You can also access interactive practice quizzes for free on Bond Online.

Bond Online laptop

Try Bond Online for free >

Please note: Bond Online content is most suitable for children aged 9-11.

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Please note: some of these resources are large files and may take some time to download. If you experience any difficulty downloading the file within your browser use your mouse to right-click on the link and save the file to your computer.