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Bond 11+ English 10 Minute Tests with Answer Support 10-11 Years

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  • ISBN 9780192778369

Bond 11+ English 10 Minute Tests for 10-11 years provide bite-sized practice for all key 11+ question types and fun puzzles to support success in SATs, common entrance or the 11+. This new edition now contains clear and fully explained answers in the pull-out centre section. Ideal for parents and children to work through without extra research.

Providing bite-sized practice of key English skills, these age-ranged, essential study guides really help children to succeed.

  • comprehensive coverage of all 11+ English areas and question types in bite-sized chunks
  • detailed answers, empowering parents and children with a greater understanding of the questions, resulting in improved test performance
  • fun puzzles help to keep children engaged during exam practice