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Bond 11+ Focus on Spatial Reasoning

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  • ISBN 9780192779359
  • No. of Pages 124

NEW Publishing in September 2021

Bond Focus on Spatial Reasoning provides students taking the 11+, CATS or Common Entrance with a clear understanding of the spatial reasoning questions in Non-verbal Reasoning papers. With a wealth of practical activities, worked questions, practice test and suggestions for parents, it equips children with the skills needed to tackle the questions confidently.

This practical guide includes clear and simple explanations of all the core concepts, with free online templates and essential tips throughout. Also includes practice questions to test understanding and full answer support.

Focus is placed on developing the skills needed to answer a variety of spatial reasoning questions, enabling children to answer all types of questions, regardless of their wording or presentation. 

• Development of core skills 

Clearly structured with three sections: questions on 2D shapes; questions on 3D shapes; and questions involving 2D & 3D shapes.

• Strategies and techniques 

Uses a variety of approaches, including free online templates and modelling dough, to develop visualisation skills.

• Practice questions and answers 

Each question type is followed by practice questions. Full practice test also included.

• Parent tips 

Practical activities to improve understanding of different question types.