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Bond Maths Assessment Papers 12+-13+ Years

Cover image - Bond Maths Assessment Papers 12+-13+ Years
£ 7.99 each
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  • ISBN 9780192740205
  • No. of Pages 60

Topic-based practice questions for the 11+ exam.

Bond Assessment is the only series of graded practice papers for age 5 to 13 for English and maths, and age 5 to 12 for verbal reasoning and non-verbal reasoning, the four subjects commonly assessed in entrance examinations.

Providing thorough and continuous practice of key maths skills, these age-ranged, essential study guides really help children succeed.

· Bond Assessment Papers are the number one series for the 11+, selective exams and general practice

· Provides the widest range of question types for 11+ practice in a realistic exam style

· Carefully graded practice papers to assess the child's strengths and weaknesses

· Practical tips from expert authors and next steps planner helps improve exam skills

· A motivating progress chart encourages practice and tracks improvement

· A pull-out answer section is located in the centre of the book for easy removal.