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Bond SATs Skills: Spelling and Vocabulary: Age 8-9

Cover image - Bond SATs Skills: Spelling and Vocabulary: Age 8-9
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  • ISBN 9780192746528
  • No. of Pages 48
Bond SATs Skills'Spelling and Vocabulary for age 8-9 has been developed by Bond with Oxford Dictionaries to begin building core English language skills. With renewed focus on spelling and vocabulary throughout the National Curriculum and in academic testing, this book will help children to build core knowledge of the words expected in key assessments.
  • Builds vocabulary from age 8, ensuring skills are developed gradually but solidly for greater absorption
  • Develop accurate spelling skills and a broad vocabulary, essential for a range of exams, including CEM (University of Durham) 11+, GL 11+, Common Entrance and SATs
  • 10 units of activities – including crosswords, anagrams, synonyms and antonyms – make it easy for you to provide regular spelling and vocabulary practice in bite-sized chunks
  • Word lists – each page has its own word list, which can be cut out and used to revise spellings