What is the CEM 11+ exam?

Created by Durham University, the CEM 11+ exam has recently started to become more popular with grammar schools, who fear that the existing 11+ exam system had become too transparent. The CEM exam has been designed to address concerns over question spotting and ‘teaching to the test’.

To tackle these issues the CEM 11+ differs from the GL 11+ exam, with a very different exam format and a perceived increase in the level of difficulty.

For more detailed information about the CEM 11+ exam, read our blog ‘11+ exam boards: CEM vs GL – what’s the difference?’.


How Bond can help you prepare for the CEM 11+ exam:

Our new range of CEM practice materials are designed to help support you throughout your 11+ journey, from taking your first steps into assessing your child’s abilities, all the way through to conducting realistic mock exams at home.

11+ exam practice: Assessment and test papers

Bond CEM Assessment Papers – assess and target

Bond 11 plus CEM test papers
  • Carefully graded practice papers to assess your child's strengths and weaknesses.
  • Provides the widest range of question types for 11+ practice in a realistic exam style.
  • Practical tips from expert authors and a 'next steps' planner help improve exam skills. Buy now


 Bond CEM Test Papers – develop key exam skills

Bond 11 plus test papers
  • Mock test papers simulate the 11+ exam, enabling children to develop the key exam skills of: following instructions, reading the question carefully and time management.
  • Covers all question types your children will experience in the real exam.
  • Clear explanations for each answer help improve exam skills.
  • Tips for exam success, written by leading 11+ tutors and packed with advice to help gain extra marks. Buy now

To find out more, download our free sample CEM practice test.


Supportive learning resources: How to do… guides and the Parents’ Guide

Bond How to do… guides – learn and understand

Bond 11Plus CEM How To Guides
  • Packed with worked examples for each question type so that you can understand how questions should be answered.
  • Effective step-by-step strategies and techniques for tackling each type of 11+ question.
  • Practical activities you can do with your child to improve understanding. Buy now



Bond Parents’ Guide – understand the 11+

Bond 11Plus CEM How To Guides
  • The essential manual for all parents whose children are about to embark on their 11+ journey with a new section on the CEM exam.
  • Contains unique placement tests, personal learning plans and practical advice
  • Written by an experienced 11+ tutor, it offers a practical 4-step approach to guide you through the entire process. Buy now


Engaging Online Revision: Bond Online

Bond 11Plus CEM How To Guides

Used by thousands of parents and children every year, Bond Online is a fun and engaging way of helping your child prepare for the 11+:

  • Unlimited access to thousands of 11+ practice questions.
  • CEM-specific tests that will help your child prepare for their actual exams.
  • Instant marking and feedback for children and parents.
  • Progress reports on each subject and topic. Buy now